Why are double doors called French doors?

Because the French made them popular.

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In the 16th and 17th centuries, the Renaissance architectural era was in its full artistic glory. French homeowners thought putting in double doors with glass stretching the length of the frame would bring more aesthetic charm to their French homes. They were right and the phrase “French doors” was coined.

What makes French doors appealing?

When you see large extravagant homes that ooze lavish luxury, you picture a grand entrance to the luxurious home. Making a grand entrance to your home brings a sort of extraordinary value to your home. The French door allows a dramatic feel of opening both doors wide and allowing the world in. Double doors increase the resale value and add additional income to your pocket.

WBD Impact French Doors

Keeping your home safe from inclement weather and intruder attempts should be a high priority on your safety list. Impact glass in your French doors is the safest way you can go. The glass that comes in double doors has double pane glass with a laminate interlayer. This interlayer keeps the glass intact as one sheet of glass when it gets shattered by a flying object. One piece of shattered glass will keep out the wind and water during a hurricane as well as burglars trying to break into your house.

Prevents thermal heat transfer from Florida sun

The impact glass that comes in all of our fiberglass doors have Low E glass with Argon gas filled between the panes. They also come with a warm edge spacer technology that prevents thermal transfer. All impact double doors have to pass Florida product approval guidelines which dictates how much solar heat gain coefficient and U-factor that the glass has. There are minimum and maximum numbers that these doors have to abide by. You can rest assured knowing your doors pass all requirements.

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Standard Sizes of French Doors

The most common size of French doors is called a 6/0 door. Around 74.125 inches in width, each slab of your french door would be around 3 feet wide. These can always be cut down slightly to get the desired width of your opening.

The next is a 5/0 which would be about 2.5 feet for each door slab. Coming in at 62.125 inches, these French doors are a little more narrow compared to the 6/0 size.

Height of French doors all come standard at either a 6 foot or an 8 foot door. These can be slightly cut down if you have an odd size entry door. A 6 foot door comes in at 80.625 inches and a 8 foot door is 96.625 inches.

Paring French doors with sidelights can close in larger openings. Sidelights are usually 15” wide. This can accommodate a 10 foot opening with a 6/0 door and two sidelights.

Decorative Glass French Doors

There are so many decorative glass options to choose from. Some designs have a cohesive look that flows from one side to the other. Others are the same design for both doors. Either way you go, these doors are beautiful and usually offer some privacy. These double doors start at $7000 for a 6 foot door or $7800 for an 8 door.

French Doors with Clear Glass

The most purchased style of French doors is with clear glass. This glass lets in the maximum amount of light and allows for an unobstructed view of the outside. Clear glass double doors usually lead out to the back yard where there aren’t any incoming visitors or peeping Toms. This option starts at $4800 for 6 foot doors and $5600 for 8 foot doors.

Optional Security Features

Upgraded Masonite doors are powered by Endura’s multi-point locking system called Trilennium. It has unmatched strength, protection and performance. Triple deadbolts and a one piece solid I-beam lock keep your doors completely locked and burglar proof. This is an optional feature and will make your double door more expensive. Doors come standard with double bores drilled for a lock and hardware.

How to Paint Exterior Doors

Do you have to paint your exterior door?

All doors come unfinished and primed for painting or staining. Homeowners must seal or finish their door after installation in order to maintain your warranty. Masonite warranties their fiberglass doors for a lifetime (non-transferrable). If you do not finish your door and it is the factor finish, the coverage only lasts for 2 years.

Did you get a wood grain finish on your French doors?

Some people like the traditional look of wood doors. For those that do, but still need fiberglass exterior doors, you can purchase your replacement double doors with a woodgrain texture. This texture simulates real wood and need to be painted or stained to secure the warranty. There are a few woodgrain options available for some selected door series. Different finishes include: Oak, Mahogany or Fir.

Prefinished Options for double doors.

While purchasing a pre-finished door is not something we recommend, the option is available for our Masonite doors.You can select to paint or stain your front door before the door gets installed. This option is pretty expensive, almost double the cost. We do not recommend pre-finishing your door because the paint or stain can get scuffed and scratched slightly during installation. Paint color options include: white, brown, cream, denim, burgundy, lipstick red, forest green, sand, gray and black. Stain color options include: coffee, cinnamon, wine, toffee, autumn and leather.

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