What is AAMA Certification for windows?

What exactly is AAMA certification and why is it important?

Basically, AAMA Certification confirms that the product’s strength meets minimum requirements for building standards. It ensures your family and home are protected from strong winds, torrential rains, flying debris or forced entry. This certification verifies the product’s integrity and passes AAMA testing standards. Any product with an AAMA certification should pass Florida building inspections with proper installation.

The AAMA Certification Gold Label on windows and doors is the mark of integrity and an assurance of quality. This label makes the product stand out among all others. AAMA stands for American Architectural Manufacturers Association. This AAMA Certification Program was developed in an industry consensus forum as a method of testing window and door performance. Now it is considered the most well-established quality assurance program available to window and door manufacturers. This AAMA Certification was the first program to be accredited by the American National Standards institute (ANSI) in 1972.

What is the difference between AAMA Certification and other testing certification programs?

The main thing that sets AAMA Certification apart from the rest is they give assurance of quality WITHOUT BIAS. The AAMA Gold label exclusively indicates the tests were performed at an independent AAMA-accredited testing laboratory and an Independent (third-party) Validator through two unannounced plant inspections each year has continuously monitored the product production for compliance.

Simonton Windows are AAMA Gold Label Certified!

Simonton ensures their hurricane impact windows meet all basic performance requirements for ANSI/AAMA. These basic performance-based specifications include:

  • Life Cycle Durability requirements and Vinyl Profile testing – simulating the normal wear that windows and their components are expected to go through to ensure long-lasting performance. They make sure the window maintains reliable operating force under repetitive use. As well as check the vinyl material used and quality test for rigidity and durability against heat buildup, weather conditions and do not contain lead.
  • Minimum levels of air infiltration and structural resistance from wind or pressures – Air leakage standard of .3 cubic feet per minute or lower at wind speeds of 25 mps. Must be less than the standard air infiltration through the window. They also measure the amount of wind speed the window can withstand before breaking.
  • No water leakages at tested design pressure – they apply water to the surface at 5 gallons per hour per square foot to simulate a natural storm. No water can get through or the window fails the requirement.
  • Maintain resistance to unwanted entry – they test with a pass/fail rating for criminal entry resistance.
  • Also tested for Energy Performance – The windows have to pass thermal tests including u-factor for heat transfer and insulation, solar heat gain coefficient which is the resistance to heat gain from the sun and visible transmittance which is the natural light entering your home.

Simonton Product Labels Defined

AAMA Certification Simonton Label InfoGraphic

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