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How much do replacement windows cost?

With the past 2 years of turmoil for the window industry, costs to replace windows has risen quite a bit. From manufacturing plant shut downs, supply shortage, and demand going way up, window cost has inflated. For the average homeowner, the price of replacement windows can get rather expensive. The size of your windows, the style of windows and any upgrade options you select will determine the cost of your window replacement.

Average Cost of Replacement Windows in Tampa Bay

This is only a guide to replacement window costs in Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Largo, Tampa, and St. Petersburg. The prices are based on prices as of November 2021. Costs of impact windows will rise again in 2022, so this guide may not be 100% accurate in the future.

Please call Karoly Windows & Doors for an estimate on replacement windows for your home.

Cost of Replacement Windows in Tampa Bay

Cost for a Window Replacement

All replacement windows are manufactured specifically for custom opening sizes. Most manufacturing companies have a minimum purchase requirement. Karoly Windows & Doors requires a minimum purchase of 3 or 4 windows. Cost of replacing 3-4 impact windows would be around $4300, including installation and permitting.

New Windows Cost

The cost of new windows to replace existing windows varies by project. The size of the windows, the style of the windows, the material of the frame of the windows, and the glass type all play an important role in the price of new windows. For a window replacement project, there needs to be existing walls with windows already in place. The windows get measured for a new window to be put into the existing wall. This type of replacement project begins around $4300 and can go up to $60,000 depending on the amount of windows.

Cost of Vinyl Replacement Windows

Vinyl frames are the best for home window replacement. The vinyl frame is much more durable, energy efficient, and less expensive than its aluminum or wood counterparts. Vinyl replacement windows cost between $900 and $3200 depending on glass strength, size and style of window.

Window Costs by Glass Type

The standard glass for Tampa Bay is impact glass. Impact windows are required by Florida building code in replacement window projects. Double pane windows or non-impact windows tend to run 20% cheaper than triple pane windows or impact windows.

Double pane windows cost

Double-Pane Windows Cost

Non-impact windows run between $900 and $1800 depending on the size. This pricing includes installation and can get more expensive with upgrades and options. Different options are privacy glass, grids, argon gas or krypton gas filled between the panes, tinting, glass thickness, design pressure, etc.

Triple Pane Windows Cost

Triple-Pane Windows Cost

Impact windows cost on average between $1200 and $3200 depending on side and upgrade options. Triple-Paned windows provide a double-pane window with a laminated layer between the panes and a third pane of a tempered glass. The laminated glass and the tempered glass are separated by a metal spacer to give additional noise reduction, thermal protection and stability. With impact windows, the integrity of the glass will not be compromised when it is shattered.

Tempered Glass Windows Cost

Tempered Glass Windows Cost

Tempered glass is thermally treated to make the glass stronger. It’s also called safety glass because it breaks apart in large dull pieces that are less likely to break the skin on contact. They are used specifically in bathrooms with tubs under the window and in areas near pools. Tempers glass windows cost the same as impact or triple pane windows. They range from $1200 to $3200 or can be an upgrade option for double pane windows.

Energy Efficient Glass for Windows Cost

Cost of Energy Efficient Windows

All impact windows in Tampa come standard with Low-E glass and are filled with argon gas. This glass treatment makes the windows energy efficient for strict building codes in Florida. They range $1200 to $3200 because they are the standard glass time. The upgrade option for additional energy efficiency can run an additional $100 to $200 per window.

Price of New Windows according to Window Style

For replacement windows there are many different options of styles to choose from. They each have unique features and options available. The following sections are based on impact windows.

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Double Hung Windows Cost

Double Hung Windows Cost

A double hung window can be opened from pulling the top sash down or pushing the bottom sash up. These windows also have a tilt feature where the sash can open inward allowing outside maintenance from inside your home. One double hung window including installation can range from $1200 to $1700. These windows can be mulled together at the factory to make a twin double hung window. Twin double hung windows cost between $2000 and $3800. Upgrade options are available for additional costs.

Slider Windows Cost

Slider Windows Cost

A Slider window has one stationary sash and one operable sash that moves from right to left. The window sashes are separated by a vertical line instead of a horizontal line like a double hung or single hung window. These windows can be larger than double hung windows because of the way they are built. Their frames are more sturdy and can hold larger pieces of glass. Sliding windows range from $1200 to $2400 and have upgrades available for additional fees. A 3-lite slider has three sashes with vertical lines separating each sash. The middle sash is stationary like a picture window and each end sash opens. These sliders are great for larger spaces. They range from $2000 to $3800.

Picture Windows Cost

Picture Windows Cost

A picture window is a stationary window that does not ventilate to the outside. They are great for maximizing views and sunlight exposure. These windows range from $1300 to $2600. Besides the normal square or rectangle shape of a picture window, there are also geometric shaped windows. The different geometric shapes range from $1500 to $5400.

Concrete Construction vs. Wood Frame Construction

There is a difference between replacement windows for concrete built homes and wood frame construction. The frames of the replacement windows need to be slightly different. Karoly Windows & Doors only replaces windows in concrete constructed homes. Frames for wood frame construction are an additional $200 per window bringing the range from $1400 to $4200.

Flange Frame Windows Cost

Flange Frame Windows Cost

Concrete constructed homes need flange framese when replacing home windows. Karoly Windows and Doors only replaces windows in concrete constructed homes. Flange frame windows cost around $1200 to $3800. These windows cost less than nail fin frames and take less time to install. It gives off a finished look and doesn’t require extra trim work around the windows.

Nail Fin Frame Windows Cost

Nail Fin Windows Cost

With the additional fin attached at the bottom of the frame to nail into a wooden call, the cost gets a little more expensive. Nail fin windows cost about $200 more than flange frames. The range of cost for nail fin windows is between $1400 to $4200.

Replacement Windows Cost by the Best Brands Simonton and PGT

Simonton brand replacement windows tend to be more expensive than its competitor PGT. Most of the window companies around the Tampa Bay area carry PGT brand and not Simonton because of the difference in price. Karoly Windows & Doors gets amazing deals from Simonton and sells their Simonton windows for the same price as PGT. They sell so many Simonton windows that they are the number 1 dealer of Simonton windows in Florida and number 2 in the whole Nation.

Price of Simonton Windows

Price of PGT Windows

For the minimum purchase requirement of 3-4 windows, projects begin around $4,300. For a home with 10 windows that need to be replaced with double hung impact windows with all standard options, projects begin around $12,000. The larger million dollar homes can get over $100,000 with 30-40 windows with multiple upgrades. Simonton replacement windows have industry leading warranties that are transferable to new investors. If you ever want to see your rental home, that’s a great selling point.

Replacement Window Upgrade Costs for Both Simonton and PGT

There are additional options that will increase the cost of replacement windows. Most commonly, the grid option is chosen for an additional cost of $50 to $100 per window. Bronze exterior and white interior frames is another common upgrade option for an additional $400 per window. Some customers also go for both exterior and interior bronze painted vinyl which is an additional cost of $700 per window and only comes in the PGT. Windows that need a higher design pressure are an additional $300 per window. Turtle glass for coastal homes with windows facing the beach is an additional $150 per window. Fall protection hardware is also an additional $100 per window.

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Cost of In-Home Consultation for Replacement Windows Estimate

At Karoly Windows & Doors, homeowners meet directly with one of our owners for an in-home consultation. Brandon, the vice president, or Karoly, the owner/contractor, will personally come to measure your windows and answer any questions you may have about the replacement window process.

Free In Home Consultation with an Owner

Because clients meet directly with an owner they are able to get the best deal right away without any high pressure sales or haggling for a better price. Both men are honest and very transparent. They can also go over quotes from other companies and answer any questions about products or services. Seems like this would cost some money for the consultation right? Not at all! It’s FREE of charge and offered to every homeowner within Pinellas county and surrounding Tampa Bay areas.

Project coordinators are standing by to answer all of your questions about how much your replacement windows cost.

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