Standard Sliding Patio Door

Sliding patio doors are designed to open horizontally, typically with one or more panels that can move. They’re great for saving space and letting in plenty of natural light, providing a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor living areas. The sleek design and practicality of sliding glass doors add a modern touch to your home.

Our sliding patio doors are not only easy to maintain and energy-efficient but also affordable. With vinyl you won’t need to worry about painting, corrosion, staining, or renewing them. The multi-chambered frames add durability and prevent issues like warping or sagging. Also, available with various exterior color options available.

The energy-efficient frames of our vinyl sliding patio doors help to insulate and provide additional support to the door structure as well as offer plenty of style options to suit any home.

Simonton Sliding Patio Doors

Simonton high-quality sliding patio doors are made of the highest-grade of vinyl and offer excellent resistance to heat transfer and air leakage. Simonton offers sliding patio doors with many customization options from two lines to choose from. 

The Stormbreaker Plus impact sliding glass doors by Simonton are available in up to 3 panels wide at either standard height or 8′ tall. These offer the most narrow frame track in the industry. This gives the Stormbreaker Plus the advantage of fitting into most existing openings, requiring a less invasive installation.

The Maxview impact sliding glass doors by Simonton are available in up to 6 panels wide and any height up to 10′. These are the most advanced, refined, and best performing impact sliding glass doors available on the market.

You can personalize either of these doors by selecting the frame color, hardware finish, and other details to match your home’s décor perfectly.

PGT Sliding Patio Doors

PGT Winguard replacement sliding patio doors are specifically designed to maximize the contemporary aesthetic of your home and offer the largest selection of customization options available.

PGT Winguard impact sliding glass doors are available in up to 6 panels and any height up to 10″ tall. 

Preferred View by PGT from the Winguard line is also available in select sizes to maximize the glass and minimize the frame of your sliding glass doors while maintaining the impact protective qualities.

Impact Rated Sliding Patio Doors

Both Simonton and PGT present exceptional options for pocketing sliding glass doors, each with distinct advantages. PGT stands out with its extensive cosmetic customization options, allowing homeowners to tailor their doors to their exact preferences. On the other hand, Simonton boasts an unbeatable warranty and a smoother door track, ensuring long-term reliability and ease of operation. 

PGT and Simonton are both built with glass that can withstand strong impacts and the highest winds. If an object hits the door at high speed, it will remain fully intact, though the outer layer of glass may shatter. This means that the door’s structure and glass barrier remain solid, keeping the interior of the home safe from the external elements. With these sliding glass doors you will never need unsightly opening protection like plywood, shutters, or hurricane screens to protect your home and your family. 

Both brands offer excellent choices, and we’re here to provide any assistance needed to help you make the right decision for your specific project needs.


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