Sliding or Swinging Patio Door?

Let's talk about the difference:

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Sliding Patio Doors

The layout of your patio space plays a large role in deciding which glass patio door you should go with. If your doors are too close to your furniture, grill or fire pit, there could be inconvenient obstruction.

It can be much easier to just simply slide a door from side to side, rather than opening it into the space. Sliding glass doors allow you to plan out the design of your space beforehand without limitations.

We offer both classic and contemporary sliding glass door styles that connect your indoor and outdoor living areas. Our sliding glass doors include a screen, so you can leave your door open and enjoy a comfortable breeze without worrying about insects getting inside.

Choose from a 2-, 3- or 4-lite sliding glass door to open your home and create a wall of natural light. Select series offer configurations up to 16′ wide and 8′ tall.

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Swinging Patio Doors

A swinging patio door, also known as a hinged door or a garden door, brings old-world charm to your home.

There are two styles one of them is the French hinged patio door and the center hinged patio door. With two operable door panels, the French hinged patio doors provide a large opening from your home to the outside. Center hinged patio doors have one opening door panel to help accommodate the layout of your home.

Our swinging exterior doors are completely customizable to fit the requirements of your home renovation project. We offer a broad selection of hardware finishes including brushed nickel, antique brass and more.  Add the finishing touch to your hinged glass patio door with a unique grille profile and pattern. Choose from several glass packages designed to enhance energy efficiency, provide privacy and reduce noise.

We offer exterior fiberglass doors through BHI. These doors are manufactured with the highest level of craftsmanship on the market. Call today to ask for more details.

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