Simonton Windows are the Best

Simonton Windows are the Best

Simonton windows are by far the best of the best replacement windows in Clearwater. Between their warranty and use of only domestic supplies to assemble their windows and doors, you can’t go wrong choosing Simonton for your replacement window projects.

karoly Loves Simonton Windows

Karoly Windows & Doors has stood behind the Simonton brand since their inception back in 2001. Their windows are favored over PGT, CWS and EAS windows by both our staff and our customers. Also they are highly rated as the number 1 in the replacement window and door industry! There are so many reasons to choose Simonton for your replacement windows.

Simonton windows are the highest energy efficient hurricane impact windows in Florida. Installed by Karoly Windows & Doors with expert craftsmanship and amazing warranties.

Reason #1: Simonton has quality vinyl replacement windows.

The Simonton brand prides itself on the quality of their windows & doors. They only use virgin vinyl in their replacement windows and doors. This gives their windows an edge over their competitors. Virgin vinyl is the term used for 100% pure vinyl. Vinyl is a synthetic man-made plastic called Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) resin, which is pure vinyl. This pure form of vinyl is first generation, non-recycled and of a much higher quality.

Because vinyl is high quality and makes for more durable and energy efficient windows, it is more expensive than its aluminum counterpart. However, aluminum creates a less energy efficient window than vinyl replacement windows. When comparing Simonton to those windows made with recycled vinyl, there is really no choice. Their impact windows are higher quality, better constructed and worth the extra dollar. Vinyl replacement windows are the only window with high enough energy efficiency to pass Florida building inspections.

Reason #2: Simonton creates storm resistant hurricane impact windows.

Simonton StormBreaker Plus is Simonton hurricane impact windows. These storm windows are double paned with one pane having a laminated interlayer. This layer significantly improves the hurricane window’s ability to withstand breakage. The outside pane of glass is a double strength annealed or tempered glass.

Because of the strength and durability of these two panes combined, StormBreaker Plus windows can withstand the toughest Florida hurricane. Even if a heavy tree limb flies from a nearby tree into hurricane impact windows, the glass will stay intact when it shatters. Storm window’s main purpose is to keep devastating wind and rain out of the home.

Reason #4: Karoly Windows & Doors customers benefit from the Simonton VIP treatment!

Because of their status with Simonton, Karoly gets special priority over his local competitors. Since Karoly stands behind Simonton, he has been awarded as the number 1 seller of Simonton windows in all of Florida. Infact, Karoly Windows & Doors comes in at number 2 in the entire Nation. This gives him VIP status within the Simonton window company.

Simonton classifies all of Karoly’s orders as a priority, giving their customers a major advantage in window lead times. The transparency of their entire staff will show that they value integrity. Project consultants will give out accurate lead times and a clear expectation of how long replacement window projects will take from contract to installation.

They also pass down incredible discounts and the best deals on Simonton in the Tampa Bay area. No other reputable competitor can get windows by Simonton at the same rock bottom prices. Karoly Windows & Doors is so confident, they offer a price match guarantee! If a local reputable company offers the same Simonton windows for less, Karoly will match the other company’s price for Simonton replacement windows and doors.

Karoly Windows and Doors The Best of the Best for 3 years

Why not buy Simonton windows from Karoly Windows & Doors?

Karoly’s reputation speaks volumes to his commitment to customer satisfaction. Karoly Windows & Doors is far above and beyond any other window and door replacement company in the greater Tampa Bay area. Check out their customer reviews and see just how valuable their service really is to people. They do require a little patience as all customers meet directly with the Vice President, Brandon Shannon. He is the co-owner of Karoly Windows & Doors.

Brandon personally comes to every home for a free in-home consultation. He will measure the windows, talk about design options and provide the best deal possible. Honest, kind and committed to customer satisfaction, people love having a friendly conversation with Brandon.

Get Simonton windows from the Best of the Best, Karoly Windows & Doors!

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