Replacing Your Rental Home Windows

What to Know When Replacing Your Rental’s Windows

Replace your rental home windows with Karoly Windows & Doors

Replacing rental home windows is not a cheap project. That is why some landlords ignore them until they become unsightly. However, this should not be so. That is because of the essential functions that windows play in a rental property. Rental replacement windows help to regulate the entry of natural light into the property. It also helps in temperature control. Some impact windows are soundproof and prevent noise from distracting occupants of the property.

Most people only appreciate the aesthetic appeal of rental home windows, not knowing about the vital benefits. Rent Smart USA says functional and appealing windows will attract more tenants. Majority of renters understand that quality windows will help to reduce their energy bills.

Signs that you need to replace your rental’s windows

  • High Energy Bills
    If the windows are faulty, they will lose the ability to retain cold or hot air. As a result, the HVAC system will overwork and consume more energy. When this happens, your tenants will start complaining of high energy bills.
  • Moisture build-up between panes
    Moisture build-up is prevalent when you have double-pane windows. It is a sign that the seal is bad. The resultant effect will be poor insulation.
  • Unsightly appearance

    Old and outdated windows will dampen the looks of a rental property and scare away potential tenants. Rental home windows need replaced to boost the curb appeal of the rental property.

  • Visible damage

    After using the window for some time, it will undergo wear and tear. You will notice cracks, fogginess, or warping. All these show that the windows are losing their strength and functions.

  • Difficult to operate

    Faulty rental home windows become difficult to close or open. If your tenants are complaining of this, it is high time you replace the windows.

  • Decaying frames

    Following frequent exposure to moisture, wood frames experience rot and decay over time. It is a sign that they require replacement.

Window Replacement in Rental Homes by Karoly Windows & Doors

Choosing windows for your rental home

There are several things to consider when choosing replacements for your rental home windows. These include:


As a landlord, it is advisable to minimize unnecessary expenditure. That is also applicable when replacing rental home windows. The best option is to choose high-quality impact windows from Karoly Windows & Doors. That is because they require less maintenance and can withstand adverse weather conditions. The weather conditions in Central Florida require rental properties to have high-quality windows.


Rental home windows that are impact rated will have enough strength to withstand adverse conditions and poor handling by tenants. Low-quality windows will break easily, and you will have to replace them often. We recommend that you choose durable brands such as Simonton and PGT. The vinyl used to construct the frame as well as the aluminum reinforcements make these windows tough.


To enjoy the functionality of rental home windows, you need to choose the ones that have high performance. Such windows have adequate glazing and insulation.


When your rental home windows are attractive, it boosts the property’s curb appeal and attracts potential tenants. That is what you want as a landlord.

Rental Home Windows by Karoly Windows & Doors
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