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Karoly Szekeres

President, Founder

Brandon Shannon

Vice President, Engineer

Austin Rader

Project Director

J.R. Starlin

Marketing Director




Karoly Windows & Doors offers superior window and door installation services in the Tampa Bay area, focusing on products designed to endure some of the most challenging weather conditions globally. Their innovative approach is transforming residential spaces by seamlessly integrating interiors with exteriors.

The company distinguishes itself by building strong customer connections, intuitively addressing market needs, and leading with pioneering products. Known as Tampa Bay’s most reliable provider of impact-resistant windows and doors, Karoly Windows & Doors is a leader in its main market.

Collaborating with leading brands such as Simonton, PGT, Lansing, Provia, BHI, and more, Karoly Windows & Doors ensures access to and installation of top-tier products. These brands are favored by architects, builders, and homeowners across Florida for their excellence. Offering both custom and standard sizes, including large-scale options, these products open up endless possibilities for creative designs in homes and multi-family residences.