Pocket Sliding Doors

Pocket slide patio doors are designed with three or more large panels that effortlessly slide open, either stacking against each other or disappearing into a wall pocket.

These doors can create exceptionally wide openings by either sliding to one side or splitting in the middle, effectively extending your living area.

With their versatility, multi-slide patio doors seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your home and vice versa.

Simonton Maxview Pocket Sliding Doors

Elevate your space with Simonton’s Maxview impact pocketing sliding glass doors. Crafted with premium vinyl, thick aluminum reinforcement, superior components, and the industries leading warranty, these doors offer unparalleled durability and style. Customize your door with a range of options to seamlessly blend with your home’s aesthetic.

PGT Pocket Sliding Doors

Engineered with precision and durability, these doors offer protection against hurricanes and the harshest weather conditions. With the most customizable features in the industry to suit your style, PGT Winguard doors seamlessly blend beauty with resilience for a truly exceptional addition to your space.

PGT Winguard also offers Preferred View in select sizes, optimizing your view by diminishing the size of the surrounding frame. Ask us for details and restrictions regarding this line.

Impact Rated Pocket Sliding Doors

Both Simonton and PGT present exceptional options for pocketing impact sliding glass doors, each with distinct advantages. PGT stands out with its extensive cosmetic customization options, allowing homeowners to tailor their doors to their exact preferences. On the other hand, Simonton boasts an unbeatable warranty and a smoother door track, ensuring long-term reliability and ease of operation. Both brands offer excellent choices, and we’re here to provide any assistance needed to help you make the right decision between the two lines


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