Impact Window Manufacturing Times Pushed Further in the Future

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As of 2022: Lead Times have plummeted!
Currently we are looking at 4-7 months.

Every industry has seen some form of change since the Covid 19 pandemic began its sweep through the world. The replacement window and door industry is no exception. “Unprecedented times” is the phrase on everyone’s lips when it comes to window manufacturing lead times. Production has slowed down multiples times over the past year and a half, bringing glass and window manufacturing to a halt on many occasions. Hopefully there is a light at the end of the tunnel and some reprieve from long lead times is on the horizon.

The initial hit from Covid 19 had factories shut down and manufacturing halted at a Government level. After that, no one was allowed to leave their homes in fear of contracting the deadly Coronavirus. Then all glass production stopped. Also, all import and export stopped to keep whole countries safe from the threat. Consequently, everyone who had ordered replacement windows previously were stuck waiting for exceptionally long lead times for their impact windows to begin the manufacturing process.

Waiting for long lead times on replacement windows.

With people being quarantined to their homes, an era of home renovation began. Because they were allowed to continue operations, Karoly Windows & Doors saw an influx of customers looking for home window replacement services. Karoly did all of the in-home estimating himself, consequently driving all over Pinellas county and Tampa Bay, giving hundreds of estimates each month. As a result, the amount of signed contracts in the year 2020 was staggering. This influx of business established another set of challenges for already stalled window manufacturers, forcing lead times to be stretched out again.

Current Lead Times

At the end of 2019, the industry was seeing lead times of 6 to 12 weeks. Homeowners were signing their contracts and getting their products installed in just weeks. There were no shortages, no back orders and nothing but happy consumers. Then at the beginning of 2020, specifically during the national lock down, the lead time skyrocketed. The future was uncertain and lead times were suspended. When production started back up, lead times went to 4-7 months. Since then, they have climbed to the current state of 6-12 months.

Vinyl replacement windows installed in residential homes for ultimate energy efficiency and hurricane protection. Patio sliding glass doors with high quality installation for coastal homes in Tampa Bay and Clearwater.

Lead times fluctuate based on brand and product. With Simonton producing all impact window parts at their West Virginia based manufacturing plant, their lead times are the shortest in the area. From the day of accepting a contract for replacement windows with Karoly Windows & Doors, Simonton products can be installed within 7 to 9 months. On the other hand, PGT impact windows and sliding glass doors have a lead time of 10 to 12 months. The exterior door industry has taken a similar hit to manufacturing. With supplies being limited, the lead time for Karoly Windows & Doors replacement door solutions are 4 to 6 months for installation.

Karoly Windows & Doors guarantees your new impact windows will be worth the wait. Replacement impact windows are highly energy efficient, blocking out harmful ultraviolet radiation from the Florida sun and keeping the much needed air conditioning inside your home. The energy efficient windows also qualify your home for energy rebates through local electric companies. Impact windows provide the ultimate level of security during inclement weather and protection from burglars. Our manufacturers are doing everything they can to shorten lead times.

Nationally recognized as the Best of the Best in customer satisfaction, Karoly Windows & Doors will be there for you the whole way through your replacement window project.

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