Hurricane Windows Clearwater

Hurricane Windows Clearwater

Clearwater is located on the coast of Florida in Pinellas County. Its part of the Tampa Bay area. Homes in Clearwater are located in a wind-borne debris region. According to the Applied Technology Council (ATC) the Risk Category II for the entire Clearwater area is 145. According to requirements, homeowners must have hurricane windows in Clearwater.

Hurricane Michael Damage FFAW

[Hurricane windows] will maintain the integrity of the structural envelope and not allow the wind and rain into the home. Once an opening is breached and the wind enters your home pressure will build until another structural component fails. These windows are designed as a complete system, that means that not only the glass is designed to particular standards, but also the frames and the method of attaching the windows to the opening.

Storm Window Installation

There are very specific methods to installing hurricane windows properly. The codes are outlined based on the Florida Product Approval code. Our installers are trained by our “Einstein of window installation”, a phrase used by our previous customers. Owner and contractor, Karoly, hand picks our installers and trains them on proper craftsmanship. He stands behind his installers with a 25 year workmanship warranty. If there are any issues with the installation of hurricane windows in Clearwater, we will return to fix the issue.

Hurricane Windows Clearwater For Sale Homes

Is it time to sell?

According to Redfin’s website, the Clearwater housing market is a sellers market! During the past year, 410 homes were sold with an average time of only 8 days on the market. The average home sold was $353,000! Homeowners in the area looking to sell will want to get in on that action.

Hurricane windows in Clearwater will make selling homes easy. Not only are they beautiful and add curb appeal for potential buyers, they also make the home super safe and families will purchase safety. They will be able to sleep soundly knowing their home and family is protected during a hurricane or tropical storm. Clearwater usually sees high winds and rains during inclement weather. Debris flying at windows can devastate homes without hurricane windows in Clearwater.

Prices of Hurricane Windows Clearwater

In Clearwater, hurricane windows are priced the same as other areas. Just because a home is in Clearwater and is required to have hurricane windows, the cost of the impact windows do not go up. Hurricane impact windows cost the same no matter the location.

The starting price for hurricane windows is $1400. They can range up to $3200 depending on the style of window that is selected. Double hung windows are the best hurricane windows in Clearwater. Both top and bottom sash are movable and they tilt in for easy cleaning and maintenance. They are also more structurally sound due to aluminum reinforcements within the vinyl frame.

Hurricane Impact Window Cost Calculator

Have a new home and do not need new hurricane windows?

Newly constructed homes are required to have hurricane windows just like replacement windows. Did you know that contractors can use the most inexpensive and cheaply made windows as long as they have impact rated glass? Usually the contractor grade windows are made of recycled vinyl and aren’t reinforced.

Upgrading your windows to a high quality product such as Simonton Stormbreaker Plus windows will give your home more value and be better safe guarded from storms and burglary attempts. These windows are made from 100% virgin vinyl, which means it is pure and not recycled. They are all made here in the USA with all parts made at the Simonton manufacturing plant and not outsourced to other companies as their competitors.

Why Karoly Windows & Doors for Hurricane Windows in Clearwater?

We are the best of the best!

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Karoly Windows & Doors stands behind their hurricane windows in Clearwater. Not only do they help facilitate warranty claims, they also provide a workmanship warranty on all installations. As with any window company, there sometimes are glass defects, which aren’t found until the windows are installed. If there are defects in the glass, Karoly Windows & Doors will order a new sash and switch it out when it comes in. Because the windows are not unpacked until they get delivered to the home, the quality control lies with the installation team and the customer. All defects in the glass have to be seen clearly from 10 feet away.

Meet with the Vice President, Brandon, to have your old windows measured. He will price out the cost of hurricane windows in Clearwater and the entire Tampa Bay area. We don’t have salesmen, so there are no high pressure sales tactics. Just a friendly conversation with the owner of our company. He is fully invested in the company doing well, so he will give you the best deal and will even price match local reputable competitors selling the same products.

He is the only estimator we have, so we ask customers to be patient with our scheduling process. We are the best of the best and people know it. The schedule gets full about 2 weeks in advance. Our project consultants can give homeowners a proposal on their project with rough measurements of the openings. Then Brandon can come out if you are satisfied with the proposal.

Our door is always open.

Our project consultants are standing by to take your calls. We also have a showroom in Clearwater you can visit during normal business hours.

Get on Brandon’s schedule by calling [fphone] today!
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