Hurricane Shutters vs. Impact Windows

Hurricane Shutters vs. Impact Windows

Do I need hurricane shutters or impact windows?

Do you have non-impact windows? Then yes, you need hurricane shutters. Hurricane shutters vs. impact windows is a big decision. For non-impact windows, if a small branch comes flying at your house during a hurricane, the window will shatter into a million pieces letting high velocity windows and torrential rains into your home. This can destroy your home! Hurricane shutters protect non-impact windows from being shattered during the storm.

Impact windows remove the need for hurricane shutters. These windows have double paned glass with a laminated interlayer that keeps the window intact even if struck by a tree trunk flying through the air. The outside pane of glass will break and fall to pieces, but that double paned inside glass will not!

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Should you get hurricane windows or shutters?

Impact windows are better than hurricane shutters.

There are two different options for people in wind borne debris regions. Which if you live in the Tampa Bay area, most likely you live in a wind borne debris region. These are required to have impact windows. The only two options you have at that point is to replace your windows with impact windows, or replace them with non-impact and install hurricane shutters.

Hurricane Impact Window Cost Calculator

Cost of hurricane shutters vs. impact windows.

Storm windows start out around $1400 per double hung window for hurricane resistant windows. Non-impact windows start off around 20% less than their impact windows. The starting price is around $1100 for windows that will break upon impact. Hurricane shutters cost around $300 each plus installation. If you install the shutters yourself, they cost around the same as hurricane impact windows! But those who aren’t handy with DIY projects will pay the extra money for installation. Usually subcontractors and handymen charge double the cost of material (at least) for labor. This brings the total cost of one non-impact window and a hurricane shutter installed to $1700 per window (starting price).

Benefits of Impact Windows vs. Hurricane Shutters

It’s easier on your wallet and makes more sense to go straight for hurricane resistant impact windows vs. hurricane shutters. Plus your home value will increase with the beautiful curb appeal. Buyers will see the hurricane shutters as an eyesore from the curb.

They also qualify your home for an energy rebate from your electric company. Depending on the company you use, they will do an energy audit prior to installation and then cut you a check based on how much glass you replaced. Also there are tax breaks available for Energy Star rated products being installed into your home.

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