How much do sliding glass doors cost?

How much do sliding glass doors cost?

With so many options and configurations to choose from, the cost of sliding glass door replacement varies from home to home. The size of the door, the panel configuration, and optional upgrades all play a factor in the price of impact sliding glass doors.

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This article is only a guide to the price of sliding glass doors. Sliding patio door replacement costs will be based on your home’s rough opening size and optional upgrade you select during your FREE in-home consultation with our Vice President, Brandon.

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Take Rough Opening Measurements

How to measure your sliding glass door.

First start by clearing anything away from the door that would be blocking you from getting good measurements outside. Second, get a helper to hold the measuring tape while you read the measurement. Then hold one end at the farthest left of the door frame and stretch the tape to the other end of the door frame, basically concrete to concrete. This will be the approximate width of your door. Next, you will need to hold one end of the measuring tape to the base of the sliding glass door track and stretch it to the top of the door. This will be the approximate height.

Using these charts, you can then figure out the nominal size of the door you need. If you have any questions, leave it to the professionals at Karoly Windows & Doors. Brandon, our vice president, will come measure your door, suggest options and discuss installation details for you, at no cost!

sliding glass door rough measurement rought opening
~120"x96" = 10068 3 Panel 3 Track XXX PGT Sliding Glass Door
sliding glass door rough opening chart 2 panel sgd
sliding glass door rough opening chart 3 panel sgd
sliding glass door rough opening chart 4 panel sgd

Simonton Doors vs. PGT Sliding Glass Doors

Which brand should you choose for your sliding patio door replacement?

The answer to this question really depends on the options you want. Both products are award winning, have awesome warranties and are the same price through Karoly Windows & Doors. They both have the same hurricane resistant, impact rated glass with low e and argon gas filled panes making them both highly energy efficient. Mainly, the difference between them is the amount of panels and the way the panels move.

Simonton doors can make patio glass sliding doors up to 3 panels but they only construct one movable track. This means only 1 panel can move. Also because it has only one movable panel, they have a smaller track than PGT. The track is only 4 and 9/16 wide. It’s the skinnier of the two brands and is a less invasive installation.

sliding glass door simonton vs pgt infographic

PGT impact sliding glass doors can come with up to 4 panels. All four panels can be on their own track which allows all four panels to move. They also have pocket sliding glass doors which allows all the panels to “disappear” into the wall. Because their glass sliding doors have multiple moving panels, the track that the sliding glass door sits on can get very wide. Coming in at 10 and ⅝ inches, the 4 panel slider can be bulky. Plus PGT can create a higher design pressure for your Florida condo sliding glass door replacement.

How much do replacement sliding glass doors cost?

That’s the million dollar question. The rest of this article will give you price ranges to consider for each size sliding glass doors. Standard option sliding glass doors usually are on the lower end of the price range. You could get the “luxury car” of glass sliding doors which would obviously be on the higher end of the price range. Non-impact pricing is generally 20% lower than the impact sliding glass door pricing below.

Upgrade options for impact resistant sliding glass doors.

There are many different options to slide the price of sliding glass doors to the higher end of the scale. Obscure glass, turtle glass, tints, grids and Krypton gas are all glass package upgrades. These range from $200 to $800 per panel in addition to the sliding glass door cost. Frame options include bronze exterior/white interior or bronze on both exterior and interior which are an additional $800 to $2000 per panel depending on the size of your door. Other upgrades include tan frames, keyed locks, screen doors, or high design pressure. All of these range from $100 to $400 per panel.

2 Panel Sliding Patio Doors

The most common sliding doors are 72 inches or 96 inches. These are your standard doors. Doors that are 6068 or 8068 (6’high) range from $5600 to $7000. For those patio sliders that are 8’ high, 6080 or 8080 range from $6600 to $8000.

There are larger openings that can accommodate a 2 panel door. Widths of up to 144 inches can be a two panel sliding glass door. For doors 9068 to 10080, the price range is $9000 to $12700. The largest 2 panel doors range from $12500 to $13400.

3 Panel Patio Doors or Triple Sliders

When it comes to triple sliding glass doors, the panels can run on up to three tracks which allows every panel to move. PGT sliding glass doors offer this product whereas Simonton only allows the middle panel to move right or left. There are only two widths that will accommodate a 3 panel sliding patio door: 108 inches and 144 inches. For the 9068 and 9080 size doors, the price range is $9000 to $10800. The 12068 or 12080 doors are slightly more expensive, ranging from $12500 to $13400.

4 Panel Glass Sliders

Larger sliding glass doors can have up to 4 panels. Doors that are at least 120 inches and up to 192 inches accommodate the larger 4 panels. The range for doors size 10068 and 10080 is from $10500 to $12700. For sizes 12068 or 12080, the price range is $12500 to $15400. The largest size we carry is 16068 or 16080 is from $15000 to $17900.

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