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Replacement window installation in Tampa Bay area must meet strict building codes. Not to mention, specific energy efficiency ratings and Missle D impact regulations. As a result, installed replacement windows must have a Florida product approval code. Because of this, our products are all highly tested. They are approved for Pinellas County and Hillsborough County.

Henceforth, these statements can be found in the “Florida Building Code, Building”  and in the “2021 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC)”. Additionally, both are available in a digital online version.

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All replacement windows must comply with Florida Building code to pass building inspection.

Refer to R4410.1 of Chapter 14: HVHZ Glass and Glazing specifications.

Also replacement windows must comply with 2021 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) to pass building inspection.

Reference the following for specific ratings and codes:

  • R402.1 for specifics on U-Factor requirements for insulating.
  • R402.3.1 through R402.3.5 for Fenestration criteria.
  • R402.2.1.1 for specific criteria on air sealing and insulation.
  • R402.4.3 for Fenestration air leakage
  • R402.5 for maximum Fenestration U-Factor and SHGC

Are hurricane impact windows a requirement?

Most coastal regions of Florida are in wind-borne debris regions. In fact, you are required to replace your windows with impact windows. However, there are some in-land areas that do not require impact glass. To clarify, use the ATC Hazards by Location website. Enter your address for specific details on your home.  Finally, you are required to replace your windows with hurricane impact windows when your “Risk Category II” is over 140mph.

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