Energy Efficient Windows

Energy efficient windows

Energy efficient windows from Karoly Windows & Doors offer the benefits of increased value in your home as well as reduced heating and cooling bills.

The Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have developed an ENERGY STAR designation for products meeting certain energy performance criteria. Since performance of windows and skylights vary by climate, product recommendations are given for the four ENERGY STAR climate zones. Florida is mainly a cooling dominated climate.

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) has developed a window rating system based on whole window product performance. The NFRC label provides the only reliable way to determine energy efficient properties and to compare products. The NFRC label appears on all fenestration products which are part of the ENERGY STAR program. Here are some of the benefits of ENERGY STAR Windows

Cooling and heating savings

Low-E coatings, gas-fills, and insulating spacers and frames can significantly reduce winter heat loss and summer heat gain.

Improved daylight and view

Low-E coatings can reduce solar heat gain significantly with a minimal loss of visible light.

Improved comfort

Window temperatures are more moderate and there are fewer cold drafts. Strong summer sunlight is also reduced.

Reduced condensation

Frame and glazing materials that resist heat conduction do not become cold and this results in less condensation.

Reduced fading

Coatings on glass or plastic films within the window assembly can significantly reduce the ultraviolet (UV) and other solar radiation which causes fading of fabrics and furnishings.

Lower HVAC costs

Using energy efficient windows that significantly reduce solar heat gain means that cooling equipment costs may be reduced.

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