Door Replacement: Fiberglass Comparisons

Double Front Entry Door with Clear Glass Painted

Compared to Wood

Though fiberglass entry doors might present you with a possible high up-front cost when compared with traditional wood, in the long run, the benefits make the investment worth it. These doors rarely scratch, peel or warp, and can also resist different weather conditions, performing better and lasting longer than wood doors.

In Florida, where our weather is harshly unpredictable, fiberglass entry doors are a very logical choice. Wood will swell and contract, and rot over time with exposure to humidity and water. Fiberglass will never rot or wear because of the humidity or exposure to heavy rains.

Not only is fiberglass stronger and more durables, these doors come in a wide array of styles and colors and are customized to your size selection.

When it comes to maintenance, fiberglass is pretty low key, and is resistant to buckling and denting. Its wood-like surface can be painted easily, and since the interior is filled with insulating foam, it is five times more energy efficient than wood doors.

Compared to Steel

Steel is certainly durable, but is capable of being dented. Steel rusts very easily and that can cause problems down the line. Painting over steel poses as a solution but the paint will likely peel with time as well.

Additionally, steel doors aren’t very insulated. Hot or cold temperatures can make their way through steel doors, making them unreliable in fluctuating weather conditions.

Steel is much less expensive and still energy efficient and durable compared to a wood door but it still doesn’t hold up as well as its fiberglass counterpart. Fiberglass entry doors take the cake.

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