Do homes need storm windows?

Floridians know how bad storms can treat their homes. Between winds, rains and debris, storms can demolish homes and make them unlivable. Hurricanes especially cause damage along the Florida coastline. Do you know the addition of storm windows in your home will lessen the chance of complete destruction of your second most valuable asset? As well as protect your most valuable asset, your family, against the pain and anguish of a crushed reality.

What a storm can do…

Storms that bring destruction to Florida come in many different forms. Those storms that bring high winds such as hurricanes and tornadoes have the most impact on Florida homes. Wind speeds play a large role in destroying lives. Hard blowing winds not only pose a threat to the envelope of the home, but also cause debris to fly around posing an entirely new threat.

Picture opening an envelope carefully at the seams. The way the paper unfolds is similar to what happens to a home in a wind event. If wind enters the home, the first thing to go is the roof. Then the sides come off the house. This is complete demolition of the home in just milliseconds. And in the case of your family being inside, you run the risk of death to the people you love.

Storm Windows - approaching Florida storm

All this damage can be caused by a simple “draft” coming in at 140 miles per hour.

Why risk it?

Storm Windows - wind breaks the house envelope
Once one window breaks, the house gets ripped apart.

The threat is not only the storm itself.

Debris can be really dangerous.

Trees that are near your home can snap in half. Branches hanging from trees can break and fall into windows. In even more serious storms, cars can be lifted and smashed through sliding glass doors. Well, impact sliding glass doors may not hold up to a car coming through your house. However, a tree limb or flying gnome stands no chance of penetrating the impact glass.

Torrential rains also pose a huge threat to your home.

After debris hits your window and shatters the glass,rain has no boundaries. Say the storm is more about rains than strong winds, the rain coming through your broken window can devastate the interior of your house. Swollen wood, soaked drywall, ruined hardwood floors, the destruction could go on and on.

Not even one impact window or door was broken.

What storm windows can do…

Provide protection from the elements
Give the peace of mind that your family will be safe
Maintain the integrity of your home’s structure

Even if there is destruction all around, your home could stay entirely intact. It’s easier to rebuild your life if your home is still in one piece. Coastal homes that sil up on stilts can actually survive complete demolition. The storm windows you have installed can be your lifeline during harsh weather.

But why hurricane windows and impact sliding glass doors?

Triple pane glass provides maximum protection from the elements. The inner layers of glass may end up shattering, but only after repeated strikes of sharp and heavy objects. Hurricane impact glass has an inner dual pane of glass with a laminated interlayer sandwiched between the layers of glass. Practically impenetrable, this layer of glass will keep the shattered glass securely in place. The rain and wind can’t enter through your storm windows and door.

Are storm windows worth the investment?

You tell me. How much is your family and home’s safety worth to you? No matter what replacement window and door company you choose, storm windows and doors are an investment. There is no denying the fact. However, Karoly Windows & Doors get the best prices for Simonton windows because of his long relationship with the manufacturer.

Karoly Windows and Doors The Best of the Best for 3 years

Karoly also is the number one seller of Simonton StormBreaker Plus which gives him a competitive edge over his competition. Karoly Windows passes along the red carpet treatment they get with Simonton to all of their customers, both big and small.

Call Karoly Windows & Doors to get your free in-home consultation with their Vice President, Brandon. You will see why they have been awarded the National Honor of Best of the Best in customer satisfaction for three years in a row.

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