Utility Rebates for Energy Efficient Windows

Did you know your electric company will give you money to replace your windows? Find out with this article.

How much do sliding glass doors cost?

With so many options and configurations to choose from, the cost of sliding glass door replacement varies from home to home. This article gives you a price range based on rough opening sizes.

The Hurricane’s Window of Opportunity: Wind Damage

Here in the greater Tampa Bay area, we are no strangers to storm surges, power outages, constant lightning, and flooding, among other hurricane related dangers.

Window Lead Times Plummet

As we finally see the shortest lead times in 2 years, customers are steadily moving forward with their replacement window and door projects.

Best of the Best is on Digital Journal

Our reputation for being the Best of the Best in customer satisfaction three years in a row has hit mainstream! We had an article featured on Digital Journal showcasing our company and the changes we are experiencing.

Sliding or Swinging Patio Door?

If you are unsure whether your patio door should slide or swing, read this article to weigh your options.

Vinyl Window Replacement in Pinellas County

Special Deal for June! Schedule a free in-home consultation with Karoly and get an estimate for replacing your windows with impact windows and receive a $200 discount off your order! You have to sign your contract by June 30th to claim the discount. Mention this discount to Karoly at the …

Are You Prepared For Hurricane Season?

Hurricane Season Is From June 1st – August 30th. According to the Colorado State University Tropical Meteorology Project, it’s highly possible that 2019 will see fewer storms, however, this does not imply that the intensity of the storms will be any less destructive. Colorado State University is predicting 13 storms out of which …

Shopping for Impact Storm Windows in St. Petersburg

Every time a hurricane is about to make landfall somewhere along the Gulf coast, we see stories on the news of homeowners nailing plywood over their windows or scrambling to put up their storm windows to protect them.