Hurricane Shutters vs. Impact Windows

Hurricane shutters protect non-impact windows from being shattered during the storm. Impact windows wont break apart when shattered keeping your home protected during the storm.

How much do windows cost in Tampa?

Tampa window prices are the same throughout the bay area. Only difference is Tampa has a more competitive market and usually companies end up bidding on the same jobs.

Hurricane Windows Clearwater

Homes in Clearwater are required to have hurricane windows. Why do you ask? Read this article to find out why.

Utility Rebates for Energy Efficient Windows

Did you know your electric company will give you money to replace your windows? Find out with this article.

How to prepare for hurricane season

Coastal homes in Florida know just how dangerous hurricanes can be to their home. If you are a homeowner, you need to be prepared before the storms hit the shore. Let us help!

Do homes need storm windows?

How much is your family and home’s safety worth to you? No matter what replacement window and door company you choose, storm windows and doors are an investment. Let Karoly Windows & Doors give you the best deal in the Tampa Bay area.

How much do sliding glass doors cost?

With so many options and configurations to choose from, the cost of sliding glass door replacement varies from home to home. This article gives you a price range based on rough opening sizes.

Which should you choose: Simonton Windows or PGT Windows?

An expensive question that only you can answer. Let us give you the information to help you make your decision.

What is AAMA Certification for windows?

It ensures your family and home are protected from strong winds, torrential rains, flying debris or forced entry.

Window Lead Times Plummet

As we finally see the shortest lead times in 2 years, customers are steadily moving forward with their replacement window and door projects.

How much do replacement windows cost?

While there isn’t a hurricane impact windows cost calculator, we do have an impact windows price list you can use as a guide.

Florida Building Code Requirements

Window installation in Tampa Bay area must meet strict building codes that specify energy efficiency ratings and Missle D impact regulations. Read this article to find out more.

The Best Guide to Replacement Window Costs

With the past 2 years of turmoil for the window industry, costs to replace windows has risen quite a bit. This guide will give you an idea of what costs are like now.

Who is the number one dealer of Simonton replacement windows?

Karoly is highly regarded in the Simonton world because of his support to their brand. Obviously Simonton is just as committed to Karoly Windows & Doors. Read this article to find out why.

Impact Window Manufacturing Times Pushed Further in the Future

Unprecedented times is the phrase on everyone’s lips when it comes to window manufacturing.

Best of the Best is on Digital Journal

Our reputation for being the Best of the Best in customer satisfaction three years in a row has hit mainstream! We had an article featured on Digital Journal showcasing our company and the changes we are experiencing.

Impact Windows: A Look Through the Glass

Impact Windows are rising in popularity for the protection they provide against severe storms and intruders. Find out what the glass is made of by reading this article.

Top Gun Karoly Szekeres Window Company

Karoly Szekeres, you and your company are hereby recognized as a Top Gun Pinellas County window replacement company by the County Advisory Board.