Best Replacement Windows

Best Replacement Windows

Best Replacement Windows For Florida

The best replacement windows are those that are installed precisely by experts and protect more than just your home from the weather. Your new windows should also help protect your family’s safety, comfort level, time, finances, and overall sanity! To determine what is considered the best window for you we need to delve into the details of these criteria. 

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Safety First!

There are a few safety and security aspects to take into consideration when looking at the benefits and features of your new windows. To start, your new windows should come with an integrated locking system and, if you are in an impact zone, should also come with a protective vinyl interlayer between the glass. This laminated interlayer within the glass protects your home against debris that is picked up by excessive winds to prevent the intrusion of water and air. The laminated layer is also a security barrier that protects the home against forced entry through the windows. 

Maximum Comfort and Performance!

Excessive indoor sunscreen use in Florida is a serious problem. Well maybe not, but that doesn’t mean you should have to deal with the high levels of radiation and heat from outside coming into your home making you uncomfortable and exposing you to some extra risks! The two types of radiation that your new windows should minimize are Ultraviolet and Infrared. Ultraviolet radiation makes up about 10% of the light emitted from the sun and is non-ionizing radiation that bleaches out your artwork, carpets, pool table felt, wooden furniture, and many of your other possessions. It is also a type of radiation that is associated with many health risks and problems including blindness, skin damage, and even skin cancer. The sun emits more than 50% of its light in the form of infrared radiation. This type of invisible radiation is responsible for the heat you feel directly on your skin from the sun and the unforgiving heat that you feel when you are near a non-energy efficient window or glass. 

There should be three barriers on your new windows that protect you from the heat and radiation. The first protection is a Low-E (emissivity) coating that reflects 99% of the Ultraviolet and Infrared radiation. The second is an invisible insulating layer of Argon gas that reduces the transfer of heat from the outside. Finally, the last protective layer is the material of the window sash and window frame itself. The best-performing windows are made of vinyl rather than wood or aluminum. Although at about the same conductivity as vinyl, wood such as maple in a window does not withstand the humid, wet, and buggy climate in Florida. Aluminum windows are much more conductive of heat than vinyl and conduct about 998%-1400% more heat than vinyl depending on the configuration.

For extra comfort and isolation from the outside world, the laminated interlayer we referred to earlier provides a high level of soundproofing. Simonton and PGT windows provide a noise reduction of 50%! This dampens the noise around you caused by landscapers who decide to leaf blow a treeless area at 6 AM, your neighbor’s way too confident midnight political conversations, and the deafening screeches from your neighbor’s emu farm. The sound dampening goes both ways so you can resume band practice without disturbing your neighbor’s emus! 

Time and How We Help You Save It!

Most of the time when you request an estimate for windows from a window company you will have to go through several phases before you actually know how much it will cost and if they can even get the job done! The average company will send out a salesperson with general knowledge of the window brand that they sell, followed by a formal quote about a week later, and then one more meeting with a lead installer or manager to finalize the details of your installation which often includes a price increase based on needing extra materials, additional labor, and code required options that the salesperson may not have included in your initial estimate. This can be extremely frustrating and feel like pulling teeth.

Using proprietary technology and methods, we at Karoly Windows & Doors optimize the use of your valuable time in order to provide all of these things in one super-efficient meeting. Upon your window estimate with us, we will be taking your final measurements, pictures, installation notes, and accounting for all materials and special engineering requirements. You will receive your finalized quote right then and there as well as the most accurate information pertaining to your new windows, building codes, install practices, time frames, and warranty information. 

Your Budget, Saving Money, and Bonus Money!

To give you an idea of budgeting for new windows you can read our article on window pricing by clicking HERE.

When it comes to pricing and paying for the windows, you will want to consider any customization options, multiple project phases versus one whole project phase, interest-free financing, military discounts, or available specials. It always pays to ask for options and during your in-home meeting we will be able to offer and discuss all payment options and make recommendations on how to do it in stages. 

With the best new windows for you, there are several ways that you can save money and even get some back! 

With the highly energy-efficient specifications of your new windows, you will want to contact your electric company about an energy-efficient improvement rebate. Typically the maximum rebate for windows is around $400! This is on top of the monthly savings you will notice on your electric bill from the amount of heat that is prevented from entering the home. 

If you change all of the glass openings in your house to impact-rated windows, you will want to contact your insurance company to check your wind mitigation. All glazed openings will be considered protected and you will save some extra money with your insurance.

If you elect to use the Simonton brand for your windows they will carry a Double-Lifetime warranty. This warranty is transferable and creates resale value for your home. This is especially true for impact windows which are highly in demand and one of the first big improvements made on a new home in Florida. 

Piece Of Mind!

With Karoly Windows & Doors you will have the easiest, most efficient, and transparent experience you will have when looking for the best windows for your home. 

•Years of experience with over two dozen manufacturers that we have narrowed down to only the best brands that meet our strictest performance, quality control, warranty, and sourcing standards.

•Over 150 years of combined experience and 22 years in business serving Clearwater, Tampa, Wesley Chapel, St. Petersburg, Palm Harbor, and surrounding areas!

•No corners cut ever: NO subcontractors, NO salesmen, NO installation and material compromises, and NO games!

•Read our reviews and then experience for yourself what earned Karoly Windows & Doors the nation’s Best-Of-The-Best in Windows and Doors for customer satisfaction, 4 years in a row. 

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